About us

Distribution De toute beauté inc. (better known under the name Innova Cils) is one of the first companies who specialized in eyelash extensions in Canada. My company offers yours you profesional trainings and products since January 18, 2010.

Our trainers have a minimum of 4 years of experience in the field they are teaching. Our most experienced trainer has more than 13 years!! Our goal is to offer you the best, affordable, insurable with the best customer care and the best products at the best price possible. 

Our trainings are offered at a different price according to the region you live in and wether you purchase a training kit or not. 


I'm the person behind the company! I'm the president of the company!

I have the chance to have people around me who are making this all possible but I'm the person you can contact anytime in case you need it. My clients are very precious to me and I'm always available for them. You can contact us here in case you need it: Messenger

In conclusion, I would like to thank you for considering my company, I hope you will become one of our precious customers soon!